• UAV

  • Data Radio

  • Autopilot

  • Aircraft Gimbal

  • FY-602 Data Radio

    Feiyu FY-602 Data Radio Control 10Km distance for real time telemetry & GCS (Ground Station Edition)

  • FY-605 Data Radio

    Feiyu FY-605 Data link transmission 433/915 MHZ & GCS Long distance radio 15 km (Ground station edition)

  • DOS

    Feiyu DOS Module is designed for beginners who seek to improve their flying experiences.

  • FY-41AP Lite

    Y-41AP Lite is an all-in-one autopilot module incorporating an OSD system, a power management system, an airspeed sensor, a barometer and an electronic compass.

  • FY-40A

    Feiyu FY-40A Most Cost-effective Entry Level Model Airplane Stablization System for Fixed Wing and Multicopter

  • FY-41AP

    FY-41AP is an all-in-one autopilot module and provides a highly stabilized flight while offering a clear and immersive FPV experience.

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