FY-40A Module
FY-40A integrates both a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope. The module
accurately calculates the flight status through the use of the Inertial Strapdown Attitude Algorithm.
The aircraft movement can be controlled in three-dimensional space.
Auto Stabilization Mode
In this mode, FY-40A will ensure the aircraft maintains its horizontal level under any weather condition. If
at any point the user feels that he/she is losing control, releasing the directional sticks will automatically
correct the aircraft’s flight level. This mode will deliver a significantly better experience to new pilots by
reducing manual user interventions.
3D Flight Mode
In this mode, releasing the directional sticks will automatically lock the current flight stance. By auto
compensating the steering control, the FY-40A will prevent the aircraft from rolling. This mode enables
the user to easily perform 3D maneuvers such as loops, lines and turns.
Manual Mode
DOS will not assist in any aircraft operation. All control and maneuver will be perform manually by the
user (similar to a regular RC scheme).
More Features for Less Price
FY-40A Module is filled with features, yet priced more economical than ever. New pilots will appreciate
the great value and more pleasing flying experience.
Supported Aircraft
1.)Normal / Traditional fixed-wing planes
2.)Delta-winged plane with rudder
3.)Delta-winged plan without rudder
4.)Plane without aileron
5.)V-tail plane with aileron
6.)V-tail plane without aileron