- Our Story -

- Highlights -


Several graduates of Guilin University of
Electronic Technology founded the Feiyu Technology.
Our first task was to develop the inertial attitude measurement technology.


We developed the AHRS under our own intellectual property


We produced our first aeromodelling balancing apparatus based on
the inertial attitude measurement technology.


We developed our first fixed-wing flight control system based on
the inertial attitude measurement technology.
We began to use this system to produce small-sized drones.


We began to explore international market.


Our drones were used to map tree farms and monitor forests for the first time.
Our first multi-rotor aeromodelling balancing apparatus was produced.


We produced our first drone gimbal with GoPro installed.
The technology for drone gimbal was also adopted for producing handheld gimbals.
World’s first two-axis handheld gimbal for GoPro was also produced.


The first three-axis handheld gimbal was launched.
Our GoPro gimbals gained 70% of the global market share.


Cooperating with Apple,
our 360-degree-no-limit G4 Pro smartphone gimbal was launched.
Consumers could buy the gimbals from both online and offline Apple Stores.


Our first action camera gimbal was launched.


The A series mirrorless and DSLR camera gimbals were launched.


The world’s first smartphone gimbal with extension poles was produced.
And the construction of our new workshops and offices began.


We produced the Vlog Pocket,
one of the smallest smartphone gimbals in the world.


The construction of our new offices and workshops were finished.
We were excited to move into these new buildings. Like most other companies,
our business were seriously affected by the Covid-19. However,
the sales of our action camera gimbals were still good.
And KiCA massage gun, our first sports and health product, appeared on the market.


We launched SCORP series, our signature mirrorless and DSLR gimbal,
world’s first detachable action camera gimbal,
and world’s first two-head massage gun.

- Our Products -

  • Massage guns became one of athletes and fitness enthusiasts’ favorite relaxing tools in last a few years. It can effectively help them recover after doing sports. A few years ago, most people only used massage guns in gyms or hospital due to the huge size and high price of these guns.

    We believed massage guns should become smaller and less expensive, and we felt it was our responsibility to let people use massage guns more conveniently. So we developed KiCA Mini. Thanks to its small size, it is convenient to take it with you.

  • It is now an era of social media! Every one can be a content creator. Common people can also create excellent videos like professional videographers. You don’t need to carry huge professional cameras. Our three-axis action cameras FeiyuPocket2 and Pocket2s will suffice. You can shoot a wide variety of videos with these two small-sized cameras.

    The detachable design allows you to shoot in difficult conditions with FeiyuPocket 2s. The magnetic lens holder and gimbal body enlarges shooting angles. The camera can be mounted on your jacket, helmet, pet’s body, car, sporting equipment, or even an airplane model. In a word, you can fully release your creativity with FieyuPocket2S!

    It took us more than one year to develop the Pocket series. We solve four major technical challenges via hundreds of experiments. These challenges include how to make the action camera gimbal detachable, how to transit the MIPI signal, how to make the magnet not affect the encoder, and how to produce and install the micro motor. Fortunately, we succeeded!

    No matter you like handheld mode or detached mode, FieyuPocket2 and Pocket2s will meet your needs.

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