DOS Module
DOS Module is designed for beginners who seek to improve their flying experiences.
The module improves flight stability and provides adaptive assistance for new pilots.
DOS integrates a three-axis accelerometer, a three-axis gyroscope,
a three-axis magnetometer and a highly accurate barometer into a compact module.
The small physical dimension reduces weight impact on aircraft’s stability.
Manual Mode
DOS will not assist in any aircraft operation. All control and maneuver will be perform manually by the user
(similar to a regular RC scheme).
Auto Stabilization Mode
DOS will ensure the aircraft maintains its horizontal level under any weather condition. This mode will
deliver a significantly better experience to new pilots by reducing manual user interventions. If at any
point the user feels that he/she is losing control, pressing the throttle steadily and releasing the
directional sticks will automatically correct the aircraft’s flight level.
3D Flight Mode
Stabilized assisted flight. Releasing the directional control will lock the current flight stance. Smooth
flight path and maneuvers can be easily achieved.
Fixed Path (Altitude/Direction) Mode
In this mode, aircraft’s altitude and direction will be locked and sustained. As the user releases the
directional stick, the aircraft will maintain the flight’s direction and altitude by autocorrecting any
external influences.
Auto Circling Mode
DOS maintains the current altitude, while performing a counter clockwise circling flight path. However this is
not a fixed location circling mechanism (as wind can cause the aircraft to deviate from its original path).
Auto Return to Home (RTH) Mode
When this mode is activated, the aircraft will maintain its current attitude and follow its path to return to
its initial starting point. Once it reaches the starting point, the aircraft will maintain a circling flight path
around the location.
Ground Control Software
Flight statistics, flight path and other settings can be configured by using the ground control software
(Must connected to Data Radio to apply settings)
Compatible with Hornet FY-OSD Module and Data Radio
DOS provides an interface for connecting the FY Data Radio and OSD Module. By connecting both devices, the
following functionalities are supported:
● First Person View (FPV) —— Can be connected to Hornet OSD to relay video signal transmitted back from the
aircraft and to provide a first person perspective view. Fixed Path Mode and Auto Return to Home Mode assist in
providing a smoother FPV experience.

● Real-time Monitoring —— Real-time monitor on flying statistics. Data Radio can further extends the remote
control range. Ground Control Software can adjust different settings on the fly.