FY-41AP Lite
FY-41AP Lite is an all-in-one autopilot module incorporating an OSD system,
a power management system, an airspeed sensor, a barometer and an electronic compass.
Combining a robust control system and GPS navigation system,
the FY41AP Lite provides a highly stabilized flight while offering a clear and immersive FPV experience.
Flight Control Modes
Manual Mode
FY-41AP Lite will not assist in any aircraft operation. All control and maneuver will be perform manually
the user (similar to a regular RC scheme).
Auto Stabilization Mode
In this mode, FY-41AP will ensure the aircraft maintains its horizontal level under any weather condition.
If at any point the user feels that he/she is losing control, releasing the directional sticks will
automatically correct the aircraft’s flight level. This mode will deliver a significantly better experience to
new pilots by reducing manual user interventions
3D Flight Mode
Stabilized assisted flight. Releasing the directional control will lock the current flight stance. Smooth
flight path and maneuvers can be easily achieved.
Fixed Path (Altitude/Direction) Mode
In this mode, aircraft’s altitude and direction will be locked and sustained. As the user releases the
directional stick, the aircraft will maintain the flight’s direction and altitude by autocorrecting any
external influences.
Auto Return to Home (RTH) Mode
When this mode is activated, the aircraft will maintain its current attitude and follow its path to return to its
initial starting point. Once it reaches the starting point, the aircraft will maintain a circling flight path around
the location. The module has a 50 meters safety attitude limit. If at any point the altitude drops below the 50
meters mark, the aircraft will automatically correct its flight path and climb back to 50 meters.
OSD Video Overlay System Functionality
FY-41AP has an integrated OSD video overlay system that presents critical flight information to the
operator. These information includes: altitude, speed, direction, home direction and etc. With relevant
information clearly presented, first person view flight has never been easier.
GCS Ground Station Software
GCS ground station software can be used to adjust or save any in flight data. Google Earth is
incorporated to display satellite images through the GCS navigation system. Flight path and flight
mission can be modified in real-time, giving full control back to the user. Data can also be saved in
real-time and be used for playback at a later date.