FY-602 Data Radio
Small Form Factor. Low Power Consumption
Transmission Power: 500mW (27dB) High receiving sensitivity: -123dbm
Voltage: DC5V Receiving Current: < 45mA Transmission Current: < 360mA Sleeping Current: < 1mA
Size: 58 mm * 38mm * 10 mm (Without outer casing)
High Interference Resistance and Low BER (Bit Error Rate)
ISM Band Frequency. Carrier Frequency: 433MHz or 915MHz. Based on the GFSK modulation mode, the
FY-602 adopts the high efficient communication protocol. The actual bit error rate is 10-5~10-6
IO Control Functionality
Offers two input-level control ports, two output-level control ports. User-friendly industrial control
without requiring additional hardware.
Transparent Data Transmission
Transmission power 500mW (27dB). In visible range, the reliable transmission distance is > 3000m when
antenna height is greater than 3m. Aerial to ground transmission distance > 10000m. FY-602 provides
transparent data interface that is compatible to both standard and nonstandard user protocol. Any
interface caused by the atmosphere is be automatically filtered.
Multi-Channel and Multiple Speed Options
FY-602 configuration provides 16 channels to meet the needs of users requiring multiple
communication paths. The FY-602 module provides 1200bps, 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps
and 38400bps communication baud rate. The wireless transmission rate is in direct proportion to the
interface baud rate, to meet user’s equipment requirement.
Intelligent Data Control without Requiring Extra Software
When wireless transmission rate is greater than the interface transmission rate, no limit will be imposed on the size
of the transmission data. When wireless transmission rate is less than the interface transmission rate, the
transmission size of 512 bytes long data frame will be imposed. The user is not required to any extra software for
semi duplex communication. Receiving and transmitting data can be done from the interface. FY-602 will
automatically complete operations such as input/output switch, network connection and remote control.
Watchdog Monitor
Watchdog monitors the internal components, improving product reliability.
Wireless Configuration
Multiple wireless configuration, supports different types of antenna for different user requirements.
Power Management
Data Radio offers three standby operating modes:
hardware wake-up, interface wake-up, wireless wake-up.
Main Applications
* Water, electricity, gas, heat auto metering billing system
* Automobile and cranes industrial remote control
* Railways, oil fields, terminals, military communications
* Medical and electronic instrument automation
* Car Alarm, tire pressure monitoring and wheel alignment
* Banks and government queue management
* Household appliances and lightning control
* Security alarm and coal mine surveillance
* Wireless transmission between electronic equipment
* Large-scale gaming setup control