MiNi 2D 2-axis Brushless Gimbal for Aerial Drones
Mini2D is a 2-axis brushless aerial gimbal designed for GoPro action camera. Weight lighter than the Mini3D. Price lower than the Mini3D. The Mini2D is the perfect gimbal to accompany your new drone purchase.
Design to Fit. Improved Compatibility.
Compatible with GoPro HERO4 / 3+ / 3 and other cameras
with similar dimension (41mm*59mm*21mm)
Compatible with DJI Phantom series quadcopters
Bring Your Experience to the New Extreme
New FY designed processing engine. One button startup.
Always ready to fly. No complex setup required.
Compatible with various drone models.
Ground Breaking Technology at Your Disposal
Magnetic encoder accurately detects all aerial maneuvers.
Predictive calculation ensures gimbal compensates movements correctly.
Sensory system precisely captures all transitions from all three axis.
Cable management designed to prevent damages and maximize product lifespan.
The Mini3D combines the above technologies to form the ultimate aerial camera stabilizer.
Meticulously Crafted
Made With Premium Material
Manufactured with focus on every little detail.
Experience The Thrill. Like You Have Never Before.
Mini gimbal series is FY's solution to the commercial aerial gimbal market. Various drone
manufacturer have licensed our technology to use in their products. Join in to see why the Mini3d
is one of the most broadly adopted aerial gimbal.
Advanced Brushless Motor
Lightweight brushless motor combined with improved processing engine allows the Mini3D
to measure static/active movements in ±0.01° deviation.
Tilting Angle: - 90° ~ + 45°
Rolling Angle: - 45° ~ + 45°