Wearable action camera gimbal

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The Feiyu WG2X makes HERO shooting more advanced. It is a light and steady performance master which accompanies you all the way to see the beautiful expected landscape.

  • Wi-Fi smart control

  • Stable base

  • Elevation design

  • Double follow mode

  • Auto-rotation

  • 3D Wearable

Light stable-master, always with you

Payload 130g, compatible with GoPro HERO 4/5/6/7,GoPro Session or any other similar size action camera.

WiFi control, rapid shooting.

We know your GoPro needs an immediate response to shoot, however, the more convenient way with Wi-Fi shooting based on the gimbal connection with camera compared to voice control can lead to the‘fast shoot’.

  • Wi-Fi Connection

  • Control the Camera

  • Parameters

Elevation design, the sense of world from Geek

FeiyuTech Red Dot Award design team shows the Geek creative design sense, innovative exclusive elevation-design to avoid the negative impact by roll motor. Therefore, the easy and excellent vision results in good shots, and action will show the sport in a better way.

Stable mount, newly upgraded

This time, the specially designed base with an entirely new upgraded result to the all-round stabilization than ever. No matter how you hang or wear the gimbal, the FeiyuTech platform performs 2000/s real-time calibrations to ensure stable shooting which can't be replaced by optical anti-shake methods.

Thread hole at bottom increased expansion ways

There is a 1/4 inch threaded hole on the bottom of the WG2X which it makes more expandable. The WG2X uses advanced attitude sensor technology which can automatically adjust the angle with whatever mounting method in different application scenes.

360°+360°, two axis angle unlimited

Panning and tilt axis motors use slip rings to realize 360° unlimited rotation.

Follow mode, time to crazy.

Double-click the mode button,and the pan and tilt axis will respond fast to your rotation, empowering your action camera to become agile and fast, which is the real-response based on mind.

Light travel, more freedom

The WG2X benefits from strong composite materials, the body only weighs 238g, which is similar to a packet of chips. Enjoy light stable mastery to keep you free and relaxed while wearing it during travel.

GoPro shooting, advanced skill

The WG2X gimbal can easily create a constant speed movement in rotation mode, which moves your time-lapse shoot. Further, you can try to hang to shoot, and create a simple blockbuster.

Born for Sports, Strong momentum

FeiyuTech's new platform with anti-shake calculation combines with the Lightweight brushless motor to maintain high torque, strong power and low power consumption. You can enjoy the 2.5 hours power lasting capability to record a full World Cup match!