Product Model WG2  (WG2 Wearable Gimbal)
EAN Code: 6970078070691
Brand Name:FeiyuTech
Adaption WG2 is compatible with GoPro 4/GroPro 3+/GroPro 3 without backpack LCD/YI 4K / SJCAM/AEE,etc, and the cameras with similar size as Gopro. The maximum payload is 130g.
It can also compatible with HERO Session series by session mounting plate.
Tilting Angle 360° (Unlimited)
Rolling Angle 70° (The rolling angle can’t not be changed )
Panning Angle 360° (Unlimited)
Tilting Increments 1.5°/s ~ 150°/s
Panning Increments 1.5°/s ~ 270°/s
Battery type Build-in lithium battery,1500mAh,3.7V, Charging it via USB port is supported.
(Note: The performance of waterproof will be affected while charging.)
Mounting way Inverted mounted(The camera in left or right side will be both fine)
Vertical mounted(The camera in left or right side will be both fine)
Forward mounted(The camera in left or right side will be both fine)
Charging time ≥ 2h
How to balance it With the movement of the rolling arm to find the perfect balance status for different cameras. And there is special mark for Hero4/5 in the rolling arm,which makes the balance more easily to be done.
Extensible port 1/4inch thread hole at the bottom and back side.
M2mm thread hole next to 1/4inch thread hole for fixing the T-clamp.
Included accessories USB Cable*1
Session mounting plate*1
short screw *2
long screw *2
Fixed block*1(keep the gimbal fixed while power off)
portable bag*1
Optional accessories Smart remote
Extension bar T700
T clamp and general accessories of Gopro
Grade of waterproof The grade of waterproof is the same as iPhone 7 series.
WG2 can continually work for 10 minutes under the water within 1 meter.
But it is forbidden to use it in the sea water. If you did, please clear it with fresh water immediately.
Usage time 2.5 Hours
Weight 265g (Not including camera)
Main functions for users Initialize the gimbal
Upgrade the firmware by your PC or Mac
Calibrate the gimbal with setting software by your PC
Manually set up the starting and ending point of Time Lapse in auto-rotation mode
Manually lock the tilting motor in any angles
Upgrade ,Virtual remote control and set up the parameter with Feiyu On
Remote control the gimbal by smart remote within 4 meter
Main features Excellent waterproof technology with the same grade of waterproof as iPhone 7 Series
Unlimited rotated angles in tilting and panning motor to take wide footage
Insulate the noise from the motor ,working with the setting of “Wind Only” in HERO5 to get perfect audio
Soft protection pad on the panning motor to well protect the camera
Fixed block as standard accessory to lock the arm while turning off, make WG2 easily to be fold up and portable
Anti-slip design on the button and side, make you hold it steadily
Power on and off with a reminder of the beep can be heard clearly outdoors
Automatically enter standby mode if turning on without camera to protect the motor
Intelligent initialization automatically check motionless desk and finish it with a reminder of the beep
Intelligently follow pre-set route in auto-rotation mode, fit for motion time-lapse or automatic shooting
Quick upgrade ,set up the parameter ,reset and virtual remote control with APP
Several working mode make most of the videos easily to be done
Suitable for all the accessories of Gopro base adapter with T-Clamp, Which can be mounting on helmet, bicycle, selfile pole,etc
Compatible with extension bar and tri-pod with 1/4 inch thread hole at the button and side
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