VLOG pocket FAQ

  • 1.  Why the gimbal will shut-down automatically?
    1)Low power
    Normally, we could figure out from the indicator , which will flashes with red light in three times.
    2)Protection status
    The gimbal’s handle is rotate rapidly— Hold the gimbal with our hand or place it on the desk with a tripod.
    The temperature for the motors are too hot(55°)— Normally, it will cause by the smartphone did not balanced properly.
    The motors are excessive load— Before turn on the gimbal, please make sure the smartphone were installed and balanced properly, whether the logo on the phone adapter were put with upward, and the clamps on those three axises were unlock.

  • 2.  The gimbal cannot turn on after interrupt upgrade the gimbal’s firmware, how to fix it?
    Please try below is that could help:
    Please press the function button, trigger button and setting button at the same tiem, then you will see the indicator flashes with blue light constant on.
    Running the App, then upgrade the firmware again.
  • 3.  When manual lock the tilt axis, why the pan axis will start vibration?
    The angles of manual lock the tilt axis is +/-40°, if the angle is more than +/-40°, that will cause the vibrating of the pan axis.
  • 4.  Why the gimbal will be spinning with out of control while turn it on?
    1)Please make sure the clamps for those three axises are unlocked;
    2)Please make sure the logo “VLOGpocket” on the phone adapter is put with upward.
  • 5.  How many ways for connecting with smartphone?
    1) Pairing the bluetooth directly in your smartphone’s bluetooth setting: You could take control of taking picutre and recording video of your own smartphone with Bluetooth shutter.
    2) Connecting the bluetooth via APP: You could get more settings, such as tracking function, gimbal setting and so on.
  • 6.  What kind of smartphone could be compatible with Vlog Pocket?
    Please make sure if your smartphone could be done with below:
    1.You could take control of taking picture and recording video by your smartphone with volume + key.
    2.You could turn on the “Input deevice” setting in the paired Bluetooth device, kindly see below.
  • 7.  No Stabilizer Found, how to fix it?
    1)Please check if the bluetooth were been connected by other device, you could figure out from the indicator by green light will be show up every 5 seconds.
    2)If the bluetooth had been connected by other device, please turn off the bluetooth for other device, and check with the bluetooth setting with the your smartphone again if the bluetooth for the gimbal were been paired. If yes, please forget or cancel pairing, then closing the bluetooth and open it again, next, running with the App make bluetooth pairing.
    3) Go away about 10 meters, then make connnection again.
  • 8.  How to do with the gimbal does not horizontal?
    Please try to initialize the gimbal if that could help:
    1)When gimbal is on, fifth tap the function button, the motors will be stop working, and the indicator turns solid blue.
    2)Place the gimbal on a flat, horizontal surface, The gimbal will automatically reset after a rew seconds detecting no movement. The blue light will flash three times to indicate end of the reset process.

    3)After the initialization is successful, click the function button to wake up.
  • 9.  How to achieve lanscape switching?
    Holding the gimbal, press and hold the trigger button, turn the handle forware to the inverted holding, and release the trigger button after adjusting the phone to the appropriate angle. Upside down handheld can be used to take any angle pictures.
    Tips: Double tap the trigger button is recommended before operationg the landscape mode.
    Remind: Please do not rotate the gimbal from your right side to upside down position.

  • 10.  How to switch photo/video mode while WiFi connected?
    How to switch photo/video mode while WiFi connected?

  • 11.  Whether the battery is durable ?
    Vlog Pocket with a built-in Rechargeable Battery, it’s 7.4 V, 1300MAH, 9.62 Wh;
    The working hour is about 8 hours and standby hour is about 14 hours while install and balance with the smartphone properly;
    Vlog Pocket could be charging by the USB port directly.
  • 12.  How long for fully charged the gimble?
    It will take ≥ 2 hours, we are recomending using 5V/2A adapter for charging the battery (quick charger is banned from charging). The indicator is red while charging. When the battery is fully charged, it will turns to green.
  • 13.  Face tracking could not work properly, how to ?
    Please make sure the bluetooth were connected properly, then turn off Portrait Orientation Lock in iPhone.

  • 14.  The HDR photo function is not working, why?
    This function could work while your phone is iPhone 7 or above, below iPhone 7, which is nonsupport.
    If your phone is iPhone 7 or above, you will need to set up the resolution to 30fps.
    Reason analysis: HDR functionality is limited by algorithm performance and the system does not allow multiple photos to be combined.
    Iphone 7 Plus as an example:
    When we were set up the resolution to 1080P 60fps, which will remind“mode does not support”.
    When we were set up the resolution to 720P 60fps or 4K/1080P/720P 30fps is can work properly.