• 1.   What type of battery does the Vimble 2A use? What is the battery life?
    It uses a built-in rechargeable battery,the capacity is 1300mAH,the voltage is 7.4V~8.4V;
    It will last about 10 hours for normal use;
    It supports charging the battery directly from the USB port on the gimbal handle, and supports using the gimbal while charging.
  • 2.  How long does it need to fully charge the battery?
    ≥ 2h, 5V/2A charging adapter is recommended.(equipped by users, fast charging is not allowed).
    Charging status: indicator keeps solid red;
    Fully charged status: indicator turns green.
  • 3.  The gimbal vibrates with buzz and does not work properly, how to solve this problem?
    1)Make sure to unlock all axis and properly balance the gimbal before powering on.
    2)Adjust the motor strength with the Feiyu ON application.
  • 4.  How to deal with problems like not being horizontal or drifting slowly by itself, etc.
    Initialize the gimbal:
    Press the power/function button five times quickly to enter initialization mode.
    Lie down the gimbal on a flat surface and keep it still.
    Wait for the indicator to turn into flashing blue light from solid blue.
    Single press the function button to finish the initialization.
  • 5.  How to deal with vibration issue?
    Make sure to tighten up the camera with the adapter;
    Make sure the gimbal stays still wen turning it on;
    Adjust the motor strength to proper values.
  • 6.  Why does the gimbal automatically power off after a few minutes of use?
    1. Low battery.
    If the red light flash three times at a time, that means the gimbal is in low battery.

    2. Protecting mode.
    -When the handle is not being hold but completely free, the gimbal will shutdown to protect itself;
    - The gimbal is not balanced and the motors get overheat;
    -Make sure to unlock all axis.
  • 7.  If I manually rotate the tilt axis quickly, the gimbal will randomly rotate by itself.
    Please do not rotate the tilt axis quickly, that will mess up the gimbal and cause random issues.
  • 8.  The gimbal will not come back from selfie mode.
    Firstly, keep the gimbal vertical.
    Secondly, double tap the trigger button to go back to normal position.
  • 9.  When double press the trigger button, it will not go back to normal position completely, or go back very slowly.
    Initialize the gimbal and decrease the dead zone of the pan axis.

  • 10.  What camera does the Vimble 2A support?
    With the current mounting adapter, the Vimble 2A supports GoPro Hero 5, 6,7 and 8.
    More action cameras will be supported in the future.
  • 11.  How to control the camera using gimbal buttons?
    Single press the shutter button to take a photo or start/stop recording video (when the GoPro is in video mode).
    Press and hold the shutter button for 3 seconds to switch between photo and video mode.
  • 12.  How to update the firmware for Vimble 2A?
    The Vimble 2A can be updated via Feiyu ON APP, there are gimbal firmware, keypad board firmware and Bluetooth firmware that can be updated.
    After successfully updating, you need to hold the power button for around 10 seconds to boot it up.
  • 13.  Why there is a WiFi signal from GoPro in the WiFi list on my phone, but the Feiyu ON can’t detect it?
    Make sure the camera is not connecting to another device, for example, the GoPro APP or a remote control, etc. . BTW, please make sure if you were set up the band for your GoPro to 2.4GHz as well.

  • 14.  How to turn on the WiFi of the GoPro?
    Slide down the touch screen of Gopro, select “prefrence”.

    Select “wireless connection”.

    Select “Connect to GoPro APP”.

    Now the WiFi is on and could be detected by other devices. Click the “i” button to see SSID and Passward.

  • 15.  How to build up the Wi-Fi connection between camera and gimbal?
    You can build up the connection by the Feiyu ON APP, as the following steps:
    1)Clean the WiFi settings: trigger button+shutter button+slide button(pushing down)
    2)Turn on the Bluetooth on the phone and open the Feiyu ON.

    3)Connect the gimbal with the Feiyu ON. Select the correct camera model.

    4)Search the SSID and input the passward of the camera WiFi(hot spot) and click “OK”.

    5)After connecting successfully, the APP will show the camera model and camera mode. (click the setting button to switch to another mode)

  • 16.  Is it necessary to manually build up the connection every time I use the gimbal?
    No need to manually connect, after the first connection, the connection will be automatically set up when you turn on the gimbal and camera again.
    Two premises:
    --The WiFi password hasn’t been changed;
    --The WiFi settings on the gimbal haven’t been cleaned.
  • 17.  How to clean up the WiFi settings on the gimbal?
    When the gimbal is on, press and hold the trigger button and the shutter button, then push down the roll control stick (the one on the right side).
    After cleaning up the WiFi settings, the connection status in the APP will disappear.

    You can also see the indicator will flash red light for two times every moment.

    If there are no signs from the APP and indicator, please try cleaning again.
  • 18.  What should I do if the APP cannot detect Bluetooth from gimbal?
    Make sure the gimbal is not connecting with another device (the indicator flash green light every few seconds);
    If it is connecting with another device, you need to first disconnect it or clean up the Bluetooth connection.
    Or you can build up the connection somewhere else with no Bluetooth device around.
    If there is a Ricca action camera near you, please turn it off.
    Disconnect the gimbal with computer if it is connecting.
  • 19.  How to set up the connection between Vimble 2A and Ricca camera?
    When both the gimbal and Ricca are turned on, it will automatically set up the connection.
    When the gimbal was turned off first, the Ricca will automatically turned off too.
  • 20.   How to use the gimbal to make motion timelapse?
    1)Connect the APP, gimbal and camera, switch the camera to timelapse mode from the APP, then enter the motion trajectory setting page.

    2)To set up the motion track, turn the camera to the start&end point and then tap “add framing point” to set the start point and end point.

    3)Set the rotating time.
    4)Start filming timelapse manually from the camera.
    5)Tap “start” on the Feiyu ON to start auto rotation.
  • 21.  How to shoot motion timelapse with Ricca on the Vimble 2A?
    First disconnect the Vimble 2A and Ricca, and make sure the Ricca is turned off;
    Connect Feiyu ON with Vimble 2A, and set up the motion track;
    Turn on the Ricca camera, manually start the timelapse function on the touch screen;
    When finishing the timelapse, quit the Feiyu ON APP and reboot the Ricca camera.
  • 22.  The WiFi signal shows up, but not able to connect with it.
    Temporarily turn off the WiFi of the phone, and make sure the camera is not connecting with any other devices, remote control for example;
    Kill the Camera APP (which is from the camera company) completely from the background, or temporarily uninstall it;
    Make sure the password is correct, pay attention to the capital&lower case and do not input any space among the letters and numbers.
    Clean up the WIFI connection cache. (trigger button+shutter button+pushing down the roll control stick)
    Take out the battery and install again, this way the WIFI connection will be cleaned up too.
  • 23.  After restarting the gimbal, it will not connect with the camera automatically.
    Try turning off the WiFi of the camera for 30 seconds and turn on again;
    Or clean up the WiFi connection of the gimbal and connect manually.
  • 24.  Cannot connect the WIFI After updating the Bluetooth firmware.
    Before updating: make sure to disconnect the gimbal with camera;
    During updateing: make sure the network condition is good;
    After updating: clean up the WiFi connection first, and then connect again.
  • 25.  Is the Vimbel 2A waterproof?
    The Vimble 2A is not waterproof.
  • 26.  The gimbal is connecting with camera via WiFi, but the GoPro has no response when trying to control it.
    Make sure the the shutter function of the GoPro works fine:
    --Take out the memery card from the GoPro, press the shutter button and see if there is a message “no memery card” showing up on the screen. (if no, that means the camera has a problem)

    Also, test the camera functions and make sure the GoPro is not getting stuck.
    --Take out the battery of the GoPro and install again, format the memery card after rebooting the camera.