Panda II Autopilot System
Strap down inertial attitude calculation utilizing the Kalman filter and data fusion algorithms.
Autopilot System consists a GPS receiver, three-axis MEMS gyros,
three-axis accelerometer, three-axis magnetic sensor and a barometric pressure sensor.
Accurately determines the current flight condition by assessing the flight’s longitude, latitude, altitude and speed.
Panda II Autopilot System Summary
1.Auto Pilot Module     2.GPS Module    3.Remote Adapter Module    4.Communication System    5.GCS Ground Station Software System
Basic Functionality

Flight path planning.
Flight altitude and speed configuration

One-button automation
for fixed circling

Auto Return To Home (RTH)

Auto take-off and landing

In flight real-time path correction through

signal broadcasting

Highly precise flight attitude measurement and control
Highly intelligent system provides simplified control scheme
Highly tweakable settings to enhance drone’s performance
Combining attitude module and control module into a single package
to maximize weight reduction.
Exceptional auto take-off and landing functionality,
significantly improve drone controlling experience.
Installation position can be adjusted according to actual usage.
Fully utilizing drone’s internal spacing.
Advanced GPS receiver: 10Hz data rate, 35 seconds positional lock,
2.5 meters CEP. GSP receiver is separately powered.
Data can be recorded to significantly improve future positional locks
100Hz inner attitude control, 10Hz outer navigation control
Multi-channel control throughput can be easily configured.
(Retrieved from website directly)The control options include:
Three Control Modes: Manual, AFSS Activated (Active Stabilization), Auto Pilot
Two Auto Pilot Modes: Air Route Navigation Mode, Mouse Controlled Flight Mode
Three Special Flight Mode: Fixed Circling Mode,
Auto Return to Home (RTH) Mode, Auto Take-off Mode
With Auto Pilot and Manual Control options, pilots can truly rely on the Panda II to control
their desired flight paths. Panda II is compatible with most popular RC remote device
Intelligent Return System self-activation on signal lost
Supports fixed distance or fixed timing aerial photography triggers. Utilizes
POS data record module to record current flight’s information at the time of the photo.
Information includes: longitude, latitude, altitude, speed and etc.
GCS ground station software can be used to adjust or save any in flight data.
GCS software can also modify flight path and flight mission in real-time,
giving full control back to the user. Data can be saved in real-time
and be used for playback at a later date.
Real time display of all flight statistics including main battery voltage,
mAh consumed, Amp draw, GPS satellite strength and temperature of the autopilot unit.
Support manual firmware update by end user