Wireless control in one hand

It is not only the remote control that can be adjusted and controlled within the range of 10-15 meters, but also the all-around conductor.Flexible switching of multiple modes, all operations done by hand, the visual universe allows you to roam.

  • LCD display

  • Four-way rocker

  • Multi-function knob

  • 4/1 threaded hole

  • Motion Sports mode

  • Control object

  • Follow mode

  • Bluetooth connection

Motion Sports mode

After connecting the cradle head, press and hold the trigger button to enter the Motion Sports mode, keenly capture the subtle movements, easily guide the movement trajectory of the pitching axis and heading axis of the cradle head and follow the object between hands wave.

LCD display parameters can be seen

Super LCD display, power, bluetooth, Motion Sports mode, follow lock mode and other cradle head parameters at a glance, single-hand control,Parameter adjustment is completed with one key; Press the knob and it can switch smoothly.

  • Motion Sports mode

  • Follow

  • Sensitivity control

  • Bluetooth connection

  • Battery

  • Firmware update

Humanized key layout, experience upgrade

Single hand can control all remote-control functions, humanized design to liberate both hands.The four-way rocker can control the direction of the lens and select the cancel menu, the function key can switch the machine and switch the working mode, the shooting key can control the camera shooting and recording, simple to use but not simple.

More outreach is possible

Through the Hyperlink remote control connected to the cradle head, can achieve high precision control of the cradle head on different platforms, everything is more convenient than imagined;Bottom 4/1 threaded hole plus adapter accessories to achieve more professional development needs.

  • 4/1 threaded hole

  • adapter

  • Mobile phone clamp