Feiyu Pocket 2S(FAQ)

  • 1.   What are the dimensions of the Feiyu Pocket 2S?
    52.1*31.5*29.1mm/95.1*28.6*20.8mm(working state)

  • 2.  How much does the Feiyu Pocket 2S weight?
    It weights 179g (with built-in battery but without other accessories).
  • 3.  Is the battery removable? What is the battery capacity and how long is the normal usage time?
    Feiyu Pocket 2S has a built-in rechargeable battery, of which the capacity is 875mAh, 6.738Wh and voltage is about 7.7V. Charging the battery through USB-C port.
    Usage time: 180min while working at 1080p 60fps, and 160min while working at 4K 30fps.
  • 4.  How long does it take to fully charge the Feiyu Pocket 2S?
    About 1.2h with 10W charger, 5V/2A charger is recommended.
    The indicator is solid red while charging, and solid green while fully charged.
    Note: no continuous charging for more than 12 hours.
  • 5.  Is Feiyu Pocket 2S waterproof?
    It is not waterproof.
  • 6.  How to download the App for Feiyu Pocket 2S? And what functions it has?
    You can download and install the Feiyu Cam APP from Google Play/App Store. After connecting the Feiyu Cam APP, you can use it for image transmission, taking pictures and downloading file etc.
    P.S. For the first time to use the Feiyu Cam App, it requires logging in by phone number or Email.
  • 7.   How to connect with Feiyu Cam App?
    1) Turn on the gimbal WiFi by long press the shutter button about 3 seconds, or swipe down to enter the setting menu, tap on WiFi icon:

    2)Turn on WiFi on the phone.

    (It requires Location turned on for Android smartphones, and some phones require Cellular Data off)

    3)turn on the App, tap on “Feiyu Pocket”, next swipe left or right to select the correct device, tap “OK”, and scan the QR code on the Pocket cam.
    Pictures for first-time connect:

    None first-time connect:
  • 8.  How to zoom in/out?
    Tap on the zoom button on the right side of the screen, pull it up and down to zoom in and out. It supports 1x to 4x digital zoom.
  • 9.   How to upgrade the firmware for Feiyu Pocket 2S?
    Upgrade firmware by Feiyu Cam App:
    After connecting with Feiyu Cam App, click “Home”, then tap on “...” at the upper-right corner, tap on “FW Upgrade” and then “Download Firmware”.

    The camera will shutdown automatically after the upgrade is done.
    For the first boot up after firmware upgrade, it needs a few seconds to process.
  • 10.  The pan axis keeps drifting around on it’s own, what should I do ?
    You can calibrate the device: swipe down to enter the setting menu, then click “Calibration” to calibrate it.

  • 11.  What’s the different between High quality and Super high quality?
    For Super high quality, the video bit rate is up to 120Mbps (As a comparison, the highest bit rate supported by Sony A7M3 is 100Mbps), which can reduce video noise.
  • 12.   What should be paid attention to when choosing a MicroSD card?
    Max Capacity supported: 512G.
    For recording Super Hight quality video, U3 and higher speed SD Card is required (minimum writing speed > 30MBps)
  • 13.  How to check the remaining memory of the SD card?
    1) When taking photos or videos, you can check the amount of remaining photos or video duration at the bottom of the main screen.
    2)You can also check the free space in the setting menu.
  • 14.   How to export the pictures and videos?
    1)Remove the MicroSD Card and connect with a computer with card reader, then copy the files to the computer.
    2) When the Pocket cam is on, connect with a computer with USB-C cable, select Udisk mode, then copy the files to the computer.
    3)3)Connect with the Feiyu Cam APP, download the pictures and videos to your phone.
  • 15.  What is the maximum resolution for video shooting?
    Maximum resolution is 4K (3840 * 2160).
    All the supported resolution and frame rate:
    4K: 3840 * 2160 supports 60/50/48/30/25/24 FPS video shooting;
    2.7K: 2720 * 1520 supports 60/50/48/30/25/24 FPS video shooting;
    1080P: 1920 * 1080 supports 120/60/50/48/30/25/24 FPS video shooting.
  • 16.   How to set up the resolution of video shooting?
    Swipe left to enter the shooting setting, then select “Video” to set up the resolution&frame rate for video shooting.

  • 17.  What’s the video formats for Feiyu Pocket 2S?
    MOV (default)/MP4, you can change format by the APP.
  • 18.  What’s the image format for Feiyu Pocket 2S?
  • 19.  Is it possible to compose and view panoramic photos by the Pocket 2S itself?
    It requires connecting the Feiyu Cam App and viewing the composed panoramic photos on the APP.
  • 20.  How to check the remaining battery of Feiyu Pocket 2S?
    1)You can check it by the battery icon, which is at the upper right corner on the main interface .
    2)Swipe down to enter the setting menu, tap on the setting icon, then you can see the remaining battery.
  • 21.  How many way points does the Time Lapse mode support?
    On the gimbal itself, you can set up with two points, which are the start and end points. On the Feiyu Cam App, it supports 10 points.
  • 22.  What panorama modes does the Feiyu Pocket 2S support?
    It supports 2*2, 3*3 and 180° panoramas.
  • 23.  How to switch to portrait mode?
    1)Swipe down from the main interface, choose handheld mode.
    2)Tilt the handle 90° from left or right and keep it vertically. (Note:4k48/50/60 and 1080P120 videos can not be displayed vertically on the camera screen)
  • 24.  How to enter Pro mode?
    Swipe down on the screen, then swipe left to find the Pro mode, tap on the “Pro” icon to confirm.

  • 25.  What’s the function for Pro mode?
    In this mode, you can adjust EXP, WB and Color.

  • 26.   How to adjust the screen brightness?
    Swipe down on the main screen, then swipe left to find the brightness option, tap on the icon to switch between Low, Medium and High brightness.

  • 27.  How to directly share the videos?
    You can share the video by the Feiyu Cam App directly.
  • 28.   How to take a selfie by the Feiyu Pocket 2S?
    1)Swipe up on the main screen, then swipe left to find the selfie icon, click on it to make the camera turn around.

  • 29.  How to switch between different follow modes?
    1)Swipe up from the main screen, tap on those icons to switch between Pan mode, Follow mode and All Follow mode.

    2) Use the Feiyu Cam APP to switch between different modes.
  • 30.  What functions does the joystick support?
    1)Double press the joystick to recenter.
    2)Control the camera direction while in the default interface.
    3)Switch files when on the file preview interface.
    4)Change volume (up/down) when playing back videos.
    5)Press to play and pause the video.
  • 31.  How to adjust follow speed?
    1)When in handheld mode, swipe up from main screen, then swipe left, tap on the icons to switch between Smooth and Motion mode.

    2)When in mounting mode, swipe up from main screen, then swipe left, tap on the icons to switch between Riding, Mount on Car and Fast Follow mode.

  • 32.   How to check the pictures and videos saved in the MicroSD Card?
    Swipe right on the main screen to check the videos and photos.

  • 33.  How to set up the Feiyu Pocket 2S as an external camera for a PC?
    When the gimbal is on, connect with the computer via USB-C cable and select PCCAM.

    After the driver is automatically installed, you will see a new device in Device Manager of the PC.

    Below pictures shows how to open the camera on Windows 10:
  • 34.  In which modes of the gimbal does dead zone exist? And what is dead zone for?
    Dead zone exists in all the follow modes, it’s for the smoothness while switching the gimbal from still to moving status.
  • 35.  In what scenarios should the anti-flicker function be used?
    If some light sources looks flickering in the video, you can turn on the anti-flicker function before recording.
    Note: This feature was turned off by default and will be turned off after rebooting the device, for leaving it off is good for low light shots.
  • 36.  In what scenarios should the Metering function be used?
    Average metering is suitable for the viewfinder screen with uniform light and little contrast between light and dark, which can almost let you get a satisfactory picture; spot metering is suitable for exposure compensation in high-contrast situations. Use this mode to ensure the camera Expose the subject correctly, not the background.
    Restore the default average metering after the metering function is turned off

  • 37.  The processing time is too long after taking a picture, how to solve this issue?
    Turn off the beauty mode, and choose JPG format in Pro Mode.
  • 38.  The gimbal follows too sensitively in motion mode that it’s difficult to control, and I can’t capture satisfying scene, what should I do about it?
    The motion mode is suitable for following fast-moving objects. Smooth mode is recommended in daily shooting scenarios.
  • 39.  Which mode is better for straight-line shooting scenarios?
    It is recommended to do straight-line shooting in Pan mode or Lock mode.
  • 40.  The panorama pictures are not well composed in the APP, what should I do about it?
    Make sure not to run the APP in the background while composing the panorama pictures, same for downloading or splicing files and upgrading firmware.
  • 41.  How can the camera quickly turn to a specific spot that I want?
    After connecting with the APP, tap on a specific spot you want on the screen, the camera will quickly face the spot and center on this spot. (This function is only available in the APP, and it’s turned on by default)
  • 42.  The gimbal stop working and can’t be controlled, how to solve this?
    Press and hold the power button over 7 seconds to reset the pocket cam.
    Note: after forced shutdown, you need to hold the power button 3 seconds and release it, then press again and hold for 2 to 3 seconds to turn it on.
  • 43.  The camera can not connect with the Feiyu Cam APP, how to solve this problem?
    Make sure the pocket cam is not connected with the APP on another phone:
    Disconnect it with other phones, or try to connect again after leaving the current range for 20 meters.
  • 44.  How to adjust the microphone volume?
    When in recording mode, set the camera to Pro mode, and tap on the “Pro” icon at the upper left corner on main screen, then tap on the Volume icon to switch between mute, low, medium and high volume modes.

  • 45.  How to activate face tracking function?
    Swipe down on the main screen, swipe left and find Face tracking icon, tap on it to switch it on/off.
    Note: Only available when in picture mode, record mode and slow motion mode; Not available when color temperature is lower than 3600k or in incandescent mode.

  • 46.  Does Feiyu Pocket 2S support external mic?
    Yes it supports, but required a dedicated adapter. Microphone with power supply is recommended.
  • 47.  Why the videos look gray?
    1)Make sure the screen protector was removed.
    2)Go to Pro mode, and check if the color mode is set to Fy-log mode, if yes, switch to Normal mode.

  • 48.  How to lock and unlock the screen?
    While in camera preview interface, double tap to lock the screen, single press the power button to unlock.
  • 49.  How to use HDMI output?
    1)Use a Micro HDMI to standard HDMI cable to connect the camera with a monitor.
    2)Turn on the Pocket cam and switch to record mode.
    3)Turn on the monitor and you will be able to preview the screen. The maximum output is 3840*2160 at 30 fps. (If the monitor only supports up to 1080P 60hz, then the camera output is 1080P 60 fps, note: HDMI does not support real-time voice feedback)
  • 50.  What configurations need to be set up to get the most high quality videos?
    The following 3 conditions are required at the same time:
    1)Set to 4K 30 fps;
    2)Set to super high quality mode;
    3)Set to Wide Viewing angle .

  • 51.  Why does it lag when I play the videos that are downloaded from the Feiyu Cam APP on my phone?
    1)Check if the videos are high frame rate, some media players on smartphone will play high frame rate videos at a very low speed.
    2)The performance of the phone is not enough to play back high resolutions and high frame rate videos, try playing on another phone.
  • 52.  Why the Feiyu Cam APP on my iPhone can’t go landscape mode when using it for camera preview?
    1)Make sure Portrait Orientation is turned off on your iPhone.
    2)Make sure portrait lock in the APP is in white (unlock status) .
  • 53.  Why can't I build up the connection by scanning QR code after the camera has changed the password?
    Some smartphones will not automatically refresh the WiFi, you can switch the WiFi off and on, then try connecting again.
    Some smartphones need to cancel the previous WiFi connections, and then input the new password again to connect.
  • 54.  Why I can’t connect the Feiyu Pocket 2 with Feiyu Cam by scanning the QR code?
    Some smartphones cannot be connected with Feiyu Cam APP by scanning QR code after entering the passwords directly in system setting. You need to disconnect and forget the previous connections, and then scan the code to connect again.
  • 55.  How to use the magnet on the Feiyu Pocket 2S?
    There is magnetic force on the bottom of gimbal head, the bottom of the handle and on the base adapter (with 1/4 inch thread hole), it can be directly adsorbed on a car, or wearable accessories that made of stainless steel.