Brushless Follow Focus Tool

All-Round Gimbal

Better performance this time, easy to shoot and follow focus individually.

Strong Power, Accurate Rotation

Based on the brushless + high-accuracy magnetic induction chip and new w6 motor driving algorithm, it precisely controls the motor rotation and brings you the unexpected smooth experience.

Real-Time Tracking, Rich Compatibility

High-accuracy magnetic induction rotary knob to control the follow focus and zoom;Advanced control algorithm, easy real-time tracking in hand speed, high speed, low speed, rapid response; smart size, mountable by various DSLR lens.

Settings with A-B point zooms, and play new tricks

Setting with A and B focus points, the auto-zoom function will lead you to create more fun.

Touch-screen control, Integrated interaction

Touch-screen control, Integrated interaction

Easy and convenient to install

Several ways to install, fast and free to approach

Installation of hot shoe seat
Fixed plate installation