Handle Charge

The handle charge is not only compatible with gimbal and mobile phone but also can be used to be extension pole.

Small and lightweight

The weight of the handle charger is only 122g. It is easy to carry, and no more a burden when on location; its material is like-skin silica gel so as to improve the users’ experience when holding.

Extension accessories availability

The handle charge offers a 1/4 screw port at the bottom and the head of the handle. You can easily install a tripod or extension bar etc.

Continuous charge

The handle charge adopts a high-power Li-ion battery and its output capacity is about 3000 mAh. So it can effectively solve the problem of low battery power when shooting.

Upgraded charging solution, faster to be fully charged

This handle power bank can be used to charge for most action cameras with USB port through USB cable when both of them are working.
No worry about battery endurance any more.

More usage

1/4 inch threaded head on the top and threaded hole on the bottom can help to do photographing easily on various application scenarios.