Quick release carbon fiber monpod

Carbon fiber monopod  One man crew gear

Pack and go

Full carbon fiber bar, light and strong, only weights 900g. No matter where you go, we got you.

Profession and fun applications

Pair with Feiyu gimbal, Feiyu monopod can help you achieve multiple signature gear effects such as slider, dolly or crane/jib.

Endure heavy duty

Aluminum alloy feet that provides maximum 12kg payload, holding your flagship full frame DSLR and gimbal with no problem at all. With the support of Feiyu monopod, you can easily pull through longer shooting period with heavy gears and never miss any once-in-a-lifetime footage.

Quick release design

Two quick release point on both top and bottom. Accelerate your work flow again with our user friendly quick release feature. Switching gear with a twist, so you can adapt to various filming scenarios in seconds.

Fail-save foot lock

Push to unlock design, avoiding any misstep while using, keeps your gears from any hazard.

Break the limits

The bar can extend to 1620mm; The ball joint enables you to tilt 90 degrees so you can capture smooth and stunning footage that your never could before.