Professional Wireless Audio Recorder

Feiyu MIC is the smallest and lightest wireless MIC system on the market. It offers 50 meters and 360° recording range, providing high-quality and the purest audio. It is also time-saving and efficient with the easy-to-navigate system, achieving seamless connection with camera, VCR, smart phone and other equipments. Feiyu MIC is an ideal recording tool for content creation, performance and other situations.

*50 meter is farest working range in open field, to ensure the recording quality, we advised you to use it in 20 meters.

Compact and Excellent

Both the recorder and receiver are as small as your thumb, with the light weight equals to three small coins, it is easy-to-carry thanks to the collar clip design. Featuring the new generation of MEMS sensor, Feiyu MIC keeps stable signal in complicated environment, and has no fear of RF and WIFI interference. It supports up to 50 meters recording range, 20HZ-18KHZ audio response range, can work with different scenarios such as content creation, video podcast, streaming media, performance, etc.

High-quality Audio Recording

The receiver comes with 3.5mm TRS output cable for connecting camera and VCR, employing up to 65dB (A-weighted) gain control to adjust transmission, guaranteeing the crystal clear audio recording. Feiyu MIC is equipped with 360° omni pick up system for precise audio recording, offering accurate identification in complicated scenarios.


The USB collar clip design allowing for easy carry on collar, cuff, pocket, tie, etc. When turning on, recorder and receiver will connect automatically, which saves your energy at a large extent.

Seamless Compatibility

It works with multiple equipments like camera, VCR and smart phone, suitable for different scenarios.

Clear Indication

The indicator light provides real-time information about working status of recorder.