Specially Built For Mirrorless Cameras

From ease of install to payload performance to interactive design,SCORP 2 is your companion for creating and capturing amazing content.It is specially built for mirrorless cameras,with a load capacity of up to 2500G,and can easily accommodate a wide range of mirrorless and SLR camera models.

Quick-Release Design For Instant Vertical Filming Setup

The quick-installation system has been fully upgraded,featuring new generation L-shaped mounting plates with a new anti-off quick-release slider.The slider can be directly installed on the vertical arm of the camera body to quickly shoot vertically without the need to install additional accessories,allowing photographers to fully unleash their creative potentia.

Smart AI For Intelligent Tracking

The unit features an integrated AI tracking module,enabling intelligent shooting without the need to install additional accessories.Making an 'OK' gesture enables subject tracking,while other gestures provide control over photography,video,and more--ensuring you capture every dynamic moment.

  • Spread palm


  • OK gesture

    Start tracking/Stop tracking

  • Thumbs opposite direction

    Stop tracking

  • Double L-Shaped Gestures

    Custom framing

Innovative Design,Super Weapon For Lone Filmmaking

The fuselage structure incorporates an integrated handle and grip,featuring a gun handle design with a natural bevel.The handle fits snugly into the palm,providing enhanced ergonomic comfort.

  • The joystick and buttons have been upgraded,offering more delicate and smooth control,which enhances stability and comfort.

  • The fuselage comes with a foldable aileron bracket that can be set upright without the need for a tripod.

Wireless Control,Easy To Use

The gimbal can connect to the camera either through a control cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth.You can trigger the focus by lightly pressing the shutter button,making it easier to control the camera for capturing photos and videos.This allows you to master the shooting rhythm and fully enjoy the fun of photography.

  • 1.3"Touchscreen

    The mini body features a 1.3-inch touch screen,providing clear filming status and parameter settings.With the touch screen,you can easily control the gimbal's functions,adjust parameters,and manage everything with a simple touch of your fingertips.

  • Electric Magic Knob,Precise Control

    The multi-function knob on the side of the body can be used to control the precise rotation of each axis of the gimbal or directly control the electronic zoom function.Additionally,the knob can adjust the damping felel,providing rich tactile feedback,ensuring smooth and precise control of every detail.

Enhanced Stability,Fearless of Challenges

Utilizing a new algorithmic logic architecture,it enhances anti-shake and anti-seismic performance,ensuring exceptional stability with no fear of shaking,for complete confidence.

Explore Creative Freedom With Diverse Shooting Modes

  • Pan and Tilt Follow
  • Pan Follow
  • FPV Follow
  • Flash Follow Mode
  • Lock Mode
There are 5 built-in shooting modes to choose from to meet the creative needs of different scenes.

Connect To The App To Unlock Various Functions

Connecting to the Feiyu SCORP App allows you to access even more professional settings,such as gimbal remote control and parameter adjustment,providing you with an extraordinary creative experience.

  • Automatic Rotation

  • Somatosensory remote control

    Utilizing cutting-edge somatosensory technology,our mobile phone's gravity sensor allows for the remote control of the lens direction,providing an immersive and interactive exploration experience filled with fun.

  • Panoramic Shooting

  • Time-Lapse Photography

Discover Endless Possibilities With Our Accessory Collection

  • Feiyu SCORP Focus Motor

  • Feiyu SCORP Expansion Module

  • ARRI Rosettes Expansion Accessory for SCORP

  • Carbon Fiber Extension Rod

Optional Accessories

  • 1Main body
  • 2Camera control cable
  • 3Fixed plate
  • 4Slider
  • 5Quick release plate
  • 6Camera fixed screw
  • 7Camera backing base
  • 8Lens holder
  • 9Lens holder screw
  • 10Tripod
  • 11USB 2.0 to Type-C