3-Axis Smart Phone Gimbal

SPG 3-Axis smart phone gimbal changes the smart phone to be a stable camera. The stable and smooth videos shot under the help of SPG will help users to record the every memorable moment of moving quality, and start your creation at any time.

The Trailblazer of Splash-proof Gimbals

With innovative design on gimbal structure and production technology, SPG adopts advanced splashing water proofing technology. FeiyuTech pursues the reliably water proof function and extreme user experience so that users will not worry about to use SPG in rainy day.

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Knob ring + sliding cross arm make SPG compatible with different smart phones

Innovative design of sliding cross arm
Compatible with different smart phones

SPG cross arm abandons traditional counter weight and adopts the adjustable manual knob ring. With knob ring and slideway, SPG can accomplish the accurate gravity balance in horizontal direction, and is easily compatible with smart phones at different weights and dimensions.

Shift the working modes

Pan axis can rotate at 360°without limit, swift the 3 modes freely

With built in slip-ring motor, SPG is 360 degrees in panning axis.
New anti-shake algorithm, make SPG fit with various smartphones.
The core driver makes it easy to switch amount multiple operating
modes seamlessly.

One gimbal satisfies two requirements

The design of adjustable corss arm and the using of smart optimization algorithm on SPG achieves its perfect compatibility with both action camera and smart phone with any complementary adopter and mount.

Face tracking

With Feiyu On App, SPG will target the face accurately showing on smart phone screen, and then automatically move to any direction by following that people’s face.
One single button can easily perform selfie

Combined with App, provide your smart solution for videography

Brand-new Feiyu ON(Andriod version,iOS version), easy access to remote control, parameter setting, firmware updating, et You still can control the gimbal with smartphone, and switch to any mode you prefer.

Panorama Shot

Under panorama mode, users can shoot panorama photography by clicking the shutter button on SPG. And can view the panorama photography by recovering the joy stick direction. SPG can joint the pictures to be panorama photography. After the shooting, users can view the panorama photography in smart phone album

Adjust the focus manually, control the distance at will

Innovative industrial design provides the hardware support for Feiyu On manual mode setting. With the combined operation on joy stick and trigger button, users can adjust the focus of the phone camera in real-time

Normal and inverted mode

Easily switch between normal and inverted mode.
Help to achieve you inspiration about videography, produce more amazing videos.
Easily to capture clear and high resolution photos and videos.

Innovative optimization algorithm

Innovative and high performance chips make the gimbal
work perfectly. The torque of the motor is stronger.
New optimization algorithm saves the redundant
power from wasting.

Mature anti-shake technique

With mature stabilization system, FeiyuTech SPG can effectively reduce the negative
influence caused by human moving, and compensate the jolt and the shaking of the camera.

Smart phone shoots

SPG 3-Axis smart phone gimbal shoots

Function Button

Integrating the joy stick technique,
SPG can change the angle of axis and give accurate feedback
of finger driving force, accomplish the lens’ stable moving.

Trigger Button

Threaded hole for accessory extension

Strengthen the accessory expansibility with the 1/4 inch threaded hole at the front and the bottom of the handle.

8 hours long working time

SPG Gimbal is powered by high capacity Li-ion battery
The battery endurance is upgraded to 8 hours on idea condition