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FY-Y6 scorpion Copter
FY-Y6 三轴蝎子飞行器

Suppliers: FeiYu-Tech
Packing Weight: 2 kg
Single Weight: 1.5 kg

Empty Frame Weight: 630g (receiver and battery not included) ; Payload Capability: 900g


1.  Dimensions

2.  Empty Frame Weight: 630g (receiver and battery not included)

3.  Payload Capability: 900g ( battery, receiver, and camera included)

4.  Maximum Gross Take-Off Weight: 1430g. DO NOT OVERLOAD ON FeiYu Y6 WHICH CAN LEAD TO DANGER.

5.  Airborne period: >10mins (with 3S 2200mAh battery)

6.  Cell Chemistry: 3S 1500mAh ~ 5000mAh Lithium Polymer, and instant discharge capacity >15C. Support PWM normal ESC.

7.  Can install FY91Q. needs at least 4 channels to fly your aircraft. We recommend you to use RC device with 5 channels or more for expansion. Support most.Compatible with all the RC devices.

Note:First and Foremost is Safety. This is Not A Toy. Used extreme caution when operating the Y6. Do Not Fly over Crowds or over people. Do Not use it as a chase copter.


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