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Entertainment Intelligent Flight Control
Flight controller integrated many kinds of sensors like the gyro, accelerometer,magnetometer, altimeter ,GPS and so on.So you can realize the function of automatic balance, fixed altitude and heading lock flight, auto return to launch, etc. Mainly used for aeromodelling fixed wing and multi-rotor airraft and FPV flight .
Flight Control System For Fix-wing
FY-40A        FY-30A
FY-31AP     FY-41AP-A
Radio Transmitter System For Long Distance
Remote Adaptor     FY-602
FY-605     FY-606
Flight Control System For Multi-rotor
FY-41AP-M     FY-DOS-M
Video Overlay System
Hornet FY-OSD
UAV Flight Control System
To provide Aerial Photography UAV, small investigation monitoringUAV flight control systems and solutions. Can realize the automatic takeoff , automatic landing, according to the flight path to automatic flight and automatic take photo and record information, etc.
Flight Control System
FY-Panda2       FY-Panda
Video Overlay System
Hornet FY-OSD
Aerial Mapping Solution
With a card camera it is capable of taking aerial snapshots. After shooting you can rapidly process these pictures by using puzzle software to get a live-action area map. It is applicable to forest and agriculture detection, disaster evaluation, terrain surveying and mapping and some natural disasters search and rescue.
Steady Gimbal
FY G3 steady gimbal is for GoPro 3/ 3+. It’s divided into handheld and aircraft version according to its function.Suitable for fast-moving shooting, outdoor photography, and it can be easily mounted in fixed wing, multirotor, helicopter for aerial photography, and work independently once power linked.The gimbal enables you to shot clear photos and videos steadily no matter where you are.
Try FY G3 steady gimbal and turn all your precious memory into visible photos and videos.


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